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  Interview WHAT QUESTIONS MAY BE ASKED AT THE TIME OF NURSING INTERVIEW. INTRODUCTION ABOUT NURSING- Nursing is a profession within the health care sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life. Nurses may be differentiated from other health care providers by their approach to patient care, training, and scope of practice.     Job interview        Nurses practice in many specialties with differing levels of prescription authority. Many nurses provide care within the ordering scope of physicians, and this traditional role has shaped the public image of nurses as care providers. However, nurse practitioners are permitted by most jurisdictions to practice independently in a variety of settings. Since the postwar period, nurse education has undergone a process of diversification towards advanced and specialized credentials, and many of the traditional regulations and provider roles are chang
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Loose fat HOW TO LOOSE WEIGHT IN ONE WEEK. INTRODUCTION- Being overweight or obese can lead to a range of health problems. Although many different “ fat” diets are available , a balanced lifestyle and nutritious diet are the key to healthful living and better weight control. Successful weight loss does not require people to follow a specific diet plan, such as slimming world or Atkins. Instead, they should focus on eating fewer calories and moving more to achieve a negative energy balance.     Calories                                     Weight loss is primarily dependent on reducing the total intake of calories, not adjusting the proportions of carbohydrate, fat and protein in the diet. A reasonable weight loss goal to start seeing health benefits is a 5-10 percent reduction in body weight over a 6 month time frame. Carrying excess body weight can increase the risk of serious health problems, including heart disease, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes.  6 TIPS FOR SUCCESSFU


Rich boy SECRET OF A NURSE THAT CHANGES THE LIFE OF A RICH BOY. A 22 years old boy who was rich and billionaire and he lookafter the business of his father who died and he is the only son of his father and his mother already get died at the time of his birth due to cancer. And he is having girl friend and he loves her alot and gives her expensive gifts and clothing.  One day that boy has been bankrupted due to he get loss in business because his secretary cheated him. He was very much depressed and she met her girlfriend and told about his bankruption then after listening about his bankruption she left her and told her not to contact her again so he was very much depressed and he became addict of alcohol  and drugs also.  Money Bank Then his financial condition becomes very poor and one day he got drunk and walking on the road and a car came with speed and hit him from the back and  he fell down and blood flows from his body and he was severly get injured so the peoples crossing f


SEMINAR ON BUDGETTING. Nursing assignment

Seminar INTRODUCTION-.( Budgeting of school or college should be separate .i.e. Principal in charge of the school of nursing should be the drawing and disbursing officer and empowered to a plan for operating the funds in all different heads. The budget for the school/college is annually planned by the nursing director, principal and general manager and approved by the managing director. HISTORY -  Budget word was first coined by the British Kings in early days from the word. BOUGETTE’ The important milestones were: –1215 AD: constitutional exposure 1718 AD: consolidated fund act passed which considered budget as financial statement of Govt activities for facilitating accountability of public fund. 1882 AD: Budget entered the parliament for first time seeking advice.  MEANING -The word “budget” derived from the old English word “budgettee” means a ‘sack’ or ‘pouch’ which the chancellor of the exchequer used to take out his papers for laying before the parliament, the government, fina


GOALS   MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS. INTRODUCTION- In September 2000, representatives from 189 countries meet at the millennium summit in New York to adopt the united nations millennium declaration. The goals in the area of development and poverty eradication are now widely referred to as “Millennium Development Goals.” DEFINITION - The millennium development goals, place health at the heart of development and represent commitments by governments throughout the world to do more to reduce poverty and hunger, and to tackle ill-health, gender inequality, lack of education, access to clean water, and environmental degradation. Thus three of the eight goals are directly health related and all of other goals have important indirect effects on health; three of the 8 goals; 8 of the 18 targets required to achieve these goals, and 18 of the 48 indicators of progress, are health related. Pdf. Files Nursing Courses INDICATORS :- Reduce by half t



PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS AND UNIONS. Introduction-> Professional organisations provide a means through which your own professional development can be channelled with authority because of their representative character. It provides you an opportunity to express your view Point, develop your leadership qualities and abilities and keep you well informed of professional trends and news. Definition Of Organisation-> “Organisation is the arrangement of personnel for facilitating the accomplishment of some agreed purpose through allocation of functions and responsibilities.” (According To L.WHITE.) Definition Of Regulatory Body-> “A regulatory body is a public authority or government agency responsible for exercising autonomous authority over some areas of human activity in a regulatory or supervising capacity.” OR “Regulatory body is the formal organization designated by a statute or an authorized government agency to implement the regulatory forms and process whereby order,


WOUND DRESSING INTRODUCTION Any cut & abrasion or operated area should be dressed & referred if needed. Dressing can be done is home, schools & health center. DEFINITION According To I Clement, Wound dressing defined as cleaning monitoring & promoting healing in a wound that is closed with sutures, clips or staples. OR According To B T.Basavanthappa, cleansing a wound or incision & applying sterile protective covering using aseptic technique. PURPOSES 1. To protect the wound from contamination with microorganisms. 2. To promote wound granulation & healing. 3. To support or splint the wound site. 4. To promote thermal insulation to the wound surface. 5. To provide for maintenance of high humidity between the wound & dressing. 6. To promote physical, psychological & aesthetic comfort. ARTICLES REQUIRED Artery forceps -1 ( 2, for extensive or infected wound) Thumb forceps -1 Bowl with sterile cotton swabs Gauze pieces Kidney t


INTRODUCTION- School health is an important branch of community health. According to modern concepts, school health service is an economical and powerful means of raising community health, and more important, in future generations.         HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT- The beginning of school health service in India dates back to 1909, when for the first time medical examination of school children was carried out in Baroda city. The Bhore committee(1946)(113) reported that school health services were especially non-existent in India, and where they existed, they were in an under-developed state. In 1953, the secondary Education Committee emphasized the need for medical examinations of pupils and school feeding program mes. During the five year plans, many state governments have provided for school health, and school feeding programmes. HEALTH PROBLEMS OF THE SCHOOL CHILD:- Any discussion of a school health services must be based on the local health problems of the school child, the culture


ADOLESCENCE ASSESSMENT. DEFINITION – Adolescence derived from the Latin word “Adolescere” which means to grow into maturity. It is a biosocial transition from childhood to adulthood. Adolescence refers to the behavioural characteristics of this period that are influenced by physical and cultural changes. Period of rapid physical and biological changes with may leads to competence, tension, frustration and feeling of insecurity. Adolescence is a period of stress and strain, storm and strife. ADOLESCENCE AGE – 13 TO 18 YEAR OLD. .PHYSICAL GROWTH. . PHYSICOLOGICAL GROWTH. . SECONDARY SEX CHARACTERISTICS. . COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT. . EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT. .SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT. PHYSICAL GROWTH. HEIGHT:- .Height of grails will be maximum between the age 16-17. By the age of 13, the adolescence triples his birth length. . Males gains 10-30 cm in height. . Females gains less height than makes as they gain 5 to 20cm. .Growth in height ceases at 16 or 17 years in females and 18 to 20